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  • The Annual Hajj OPS 2020 | Arr

    Fly during the Annual Hajj OPS | Arrivals from anywhere in the world to Jeddah | OEJN on the 24th of July 2020.rnPlan your flights so that you can arrive between 1600z to 2000z.

  • The Annual Hajj OPS Arrivals

    Once again it is that time of the year where pilgrims from all around the world gather in one sacred place to perform Hajj rites, and so we welcome all our fellow pilots to bring in pilgrims from around the world to Jeddah | OEJN , Saudi Arabia on the 27th of July 2019 to help us make this Hajj yet again a successful one.

    Come fly into Jeddah from 1600z to 2000z and experience local and regional ATC along the way!

    Thanks to HiFi Simulation Technologies for sponsoring SAvACC as it will be giving away 3 copies of their current products to 3 lucky pilots, here is how to take part:

    • Giveaway 1 : One Copy.
    1. Follow SAvACC on Instagram @vatsim_sa .
    2. Book and fly during The Annual Hajj OPS 2019 | Arrival leg.
    • Giveaway 2 : Two Copies.
    1. Follow SAvACC on Instagram @vatsim_sa.
    2. Book and fly during The Annual Hajj OPS 2019 | Arrival leg.
    3. Book and fly during The Annual Hajj OPS 2019 | Departure leg.

    Note: Participants of second giveaway must fly during both legs of The Annual Hajj OPS 2019 (i.e. Arrival & Departure). Only booked flights pilots will be selected at random and the winners will be announced on SAvACC instagram account first and then via email to the respected lucky winners at the end of August after the departure leg. For any inquiries about the event or the giveaway feel free to e-mail SAvACC at or open a support ticket at VATME HQ.

    Book your flight viaVATME HQ & SAUDIA VA

  • UMRAH Arrivals OPS 2019

    UMRAH Arrivals Operations 2019

    Fly for a full ATC Coverage and crowded Middle Eastern skies.

    Work hard for the best PIREP and get an award for flying in such event!

    (to get the award mention {UMRAH EVENT 2019} in PIREP comments section)

    Arrive at OEJN between 1730z until 2130z.

    Thanks VATSIM Saudi Arabia for provided ATC coverage!

  • Cities Connection Tour

    We are here to announce a Tour by SAUDIA Virtual Airline titled Cities Connection Tour with a flying partner Emirates Virtual Airline.

    A tour that consists of six legs, Our first leg is OEJN-HECA, FULL ATC COVERAGE CONFIRMED ALL OVER THE TOUR.

    Some details below please read it carefully:

    What you have to do if you are flying on SAUDIA Virtual Airline on OEJN/HECA 1st Leg, Book Your Slot as SVA01 till Any Number also we will give away some add-ons for pilots who complete all tour legs!


    All tour flights callsigns start with SVA800X , X = Flight Order*

    Book Your Slot at VATME HQ as SVAXXX, Also at Tours System to win amazing add-ons

    Route For 1st Leg (OEJN/HECA):


    See You On March 16th 2019, Sharp at 13.00z

    1st Leg InauguralFlight Banner:

  • Winter at Tantora

    Winter at Tantora,

    A festival like no other, in a place like no other.

    This is the promise of Winter at Tantora, the first event of its kind held in Al-Ula County. Surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty and magnificent monuments to human endeavour that span millennia, Al-Ula is one of the world’s greatest undiscovered wonders.

    SAUDIA VA being the official airline of this festival, fly out the last few visitors from Jeddah | OEJN to the historical land of Al-Ula | OEAO.

    Fly out of Jeddah on time at or after 17h00z for an hour flight to arrive at Al-Ula by 19h00z.

    Expect ATC at both the airports during the 2 hour window!

    Note: As the parking at Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Domestic Airport is limited it is requested to fly small to medium type aircrafts during the group flight, participants are also requested to stay no longer than 10mins at their designated parking spot once landed. In the case there are no available parking spots at OEAO, the participant can either ask for holding until a spot has been freed or may park at the other side of the runway on the grass / sand, so please pilots double your HOLD fuel amount for such cases.

    OEAO FSX/P3D Scenery Link:

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    Reserve your spot:

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    Thanks for flying with Us!