Ruleregs - Saudia VA

SAUDIA VA Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at SAUDIA Virtual Airline

1) General Requirements

1.1) Pilot must provide real First and Last name, and have a valid email address.
1.2) Pilot must be an active member of VATSIM network.
1.3) Pilot must file at least one Pilot Report every 3 months / 90 days.
1.4) New pilots must submit first valid Pilot Report within the first 7 days after admission.

2) Online Activity

2.1) Pilots must follow the online network Rules & Regulation (refer to VATSIM R&R) and comply with it all the time during online activity.
2.2) Pilots are to exercise good manners and not to cause conflicts or arguments over the network.
2.3) Beware when you fly online on VATSIM network, you must use "SVA" as your callsign , Otherwise we will reject your PIREP.
2.4) SAUDIA Virtual is dedicated for VATSIM members only and you must fly online of our schedule at least 80% of your en-route time.
2.5) Usage of time acceleration within our VA operations is prohibited. All PIREPs which log time acceleration will be rejected.
2.6) Maximum allowed FLIGHT LEVEL is (FL430).
2.7) All forms of cheating behaviors will cause your account deletion without any prior warnings.
2.8) Pilots must not practice air refueling when flying for the virtual airline under any circumstance.

3) Leave Of Absence

3.1) If a pilot is unable to meet their quarterly flight requirements due to unforeseen circumstances they will be allowed to file a leave of absence for no longer than 90 days.
3.2) Any pilot that cannot return to active duty within 90 days will be removed from the roster (exceptions can be made).
3.3) You cannot file a LOA unless you have been with the airline at least 30 days.

4) Other Important Information

4.1) By proceeding to registration you understand that SAUDIA VA is virtual airline only and we are not affiliate with the real SAUDIA Airlines. Including pilots, booking system, financial issues and any others related.
4.2) Some of our services on the website are not accessible by non members, but you will grant access to all of our system after being accepted as a member.
4.3) SAUDIA VA is a non-profit organization, no donations and payments at any form.

If you agree with our Rules and Regulations, you may continue to fill out the Application by clicking below.

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